Leonardo HD

"An upgrade in toughness and strength from the well proven LEONARDO Standard Version, the LEONARDO Heavy-Duty comes with all-steel chassis and canopies and integrated fork lift pockets.

It’s designed to be used in the harshest environments and features active pothole protection for an increased ground clearance, preferred in the contracting environment.

Tailor-made to the operator’s and contractor’s needs in the building industry, the LEONARDO range of platforms eliminates the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts and normal push-around units. No more ladders, no outriggers, no hassles. One man can easily do a job safely, quickly and efficiently.


With Leonardo HD, the user can travel all over the site with ease-through doorways, up access ramps and into tight spaces-thanks to the extremely compact size of this platform and 35% gradeability.

Weighting only 508 Kg (1119 Lbs), it is compact and light enough to enter most elevators to reach the top floors of high buildings in no time at all.

Drivable through standard doorways, without the operator leaving the platform.


Driveable at its full 4.9 mt (9.6’) working height with the maximum load and the platform completely extended at an automatic slow speed. No more exhausting mounting on and off the platform or scaffold to push it into the right position!

Unrestricted capacity 180 Kg (397 Lbs) reduce the need to climb up or down to load material.

Built-in tilt sensor, flashing light, audible alarm and active pot-hole protection are all standard features.


Simple, trouble-free and cost effective, the Leonardo range of products is the result of 15 years technical improvement.

Maintenance-free lifting mast, carefully selected components and extremely simple design make for low cost servicing:

other than controlling the water level in the batteries, all our Leonardo models are virtually maintenance-free.

Wheel locking device allows you to drive forward and backward in a straight line when accessing narrow aisle. Dual Roll Out Decks-provide outreach at both ends without sacrificing any platform capacity. Swing entry gate with stainless steel hinges and removal of entry toe-board allows easier access.

High cycle batteries allow 250 operation on one charge: enough duty cycle for even the hardest of work days and more.

Large LCD screen in the ground module to show system status and diagnostic.

An extremely rugged, ultra-compact Joystick with ergonomically designed handle and trigger style safety switch–enables easier use with gloved hands!

All-steel chassis design, with heavy-duty winch, tie down and lifting points-making life easier for Transportation!

Built in tilt-sensor & active pothole protection for an increased ground clearance.

Wide drive and steer wheels–for reduced ground pressure and increased traction on tough job sites.

The revolutionary mast lifting system designed by BRAVI PLATFORMS for all its platforms models represent a real change on its sector! The mast made of a special extruded aluminium is 100% maintenance free! No more chains to be regularly inspected, no more grease or lubricant required, no maintenance: a real low cost ownership."



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