Solo gyps

"Thanks to his long term expertise in ceiling tile/acoustic tile/drywall installation, Bravi has invented an extraordinary device certified to be used ONLY on the LEONARDO and the BRAVI LITE.

Installing drywall on a ceiling is usually at least a two-person project: SOLO GYPS greatly simplifies the positioning of panels, saving manpower and letting one man alone work the job. SOLO GYPS eliminates the manual dry-wall lifts and makes the job safer.

Composed by a lightweight, electric powered track and detachable adjustable frame to hold and lift sheets, this simple yet ingenious attachment allow one man to lift panels without assistance.

The setup of this device requires no tools and it is very fast. Once the job is completed, it is quickly removable for easy storage.

Total weight of the complete attachment: 45 Kg – 99.2 Lbs

The cradle can be adjusted to hold panels long up to 3.65 mt (12ft) and lowers off the floor for easy panel loading. It can lift up to 40Kg (89Lbs).

The attachment can be adjusted to three different height positions to clear even the tallest man.

Activated directly from the platform with a push of a button, the sheet travels up the track into the overhead position, then retaining the drywall sheet in the proper location, leaving the worker free to screw or nail it to the joists/studs."


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